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| 17 February 2014

Summary of the events of the 50th Anniversary

Together with the participation to last year’s major exhibitions of the tissue converting business – that is to say, Tissue World, IT’s Tissue, MIAC, – and the printing one – Converflex, China Print, Labelexpo Asia, Labelexpo Europe – the company hosted the Anniversary celebrations at its premises on May 10th to 12th 2013.

Celebrations included a press conference to which a selected number of Italian and international magazines and newspapers were invited, the launch of the company monograph book “50 years of passion and excellence” (which will be soon published for sale by Franco Angeli Editore, Italy, and whose proceeds will be donated in support of cancer patients and their families through a local non-profit organization) and a two-day VIP event including the visit to OMET Group’s premises, a boat excursion on the lake, a conference and a gala dinner with customers coming from the five continents. The event saw also the participation of a few partnering companies as sponsors: Control Techniques, SPG Prints, Erhardt+Leimer, Martin Automatic, Euroincis, Sun Chemical, IST Metz and Avery Dennison.

The anniversary staged many in-house events dedicated to all the collaborators of OMET including a Photo Contest which originated the 12 pictures of the company’s calendar for 2013, the Omettiadi, non-professional sports team happening involving all the companies of the OMET Group, and the Family Day, open door event for the families of the employees.

All the events registered a full participation and were an occasion of productive networking, education and fun.

The major outcome of the 50th Anniversary is the confirmation of the confidence customers, suppliers, employees and the community have in the company and the appreciation of its solidity as a group and as a family and the capability to stay firm, loyal to its values and work principles, when it is most needed.


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