Nine OMET production lines in twenty-four months: Poppies Europe Limited’s silver bullet for increased speed and efficiency to foster enduring growth

Poppies Europe Limited is leader in the UK tissue market and has recently acquired the “away from home” division of Staple Disposable in its expansion push.

Poppies Europe Limited has been operating in the sector of food & beverage and hygiene disposable products since 1996. The company has stood out since its establishment for its constant growth and wide range of products; in 2000 it started investing in the production of napkins and launched its first production line.
Since then Poppies Europe Limited has invested in the production of tissues, and now has over 30 production lines, operating 24 hours per day and over 100 motivated employees in St. Helens production site in the North West of England.
The production and distribution of disposable products for catering (napkins, tablecloths, paper plates, plastic cutlery, toilet rolls, etc.) is the company’s core business and the napkins are the most widely sold products in terms of volumes.

The strategy adopted so far has been to complete their offer and invest in more efficient equipment to offer faster turnaround times, while maintaining high end products.
Poppies Europe Limited has purchased two of its competitors, McNulty Wray LTD and recently Staple Disposable, to further strengthen its position on the market, and thus further improve its services and expand its offer; today they are market leaders in the sector of napkins printed in the United Kingdom.

Thanks to its dominant position in the market, the company has continued to invest in the tissue sector and from 2014 it started a productive collaboration with OMET, world leader in the production of Tissue machines.


This collaboration was impressive right away and so the British company decided to purchase three OMET machines in 2014 for the production of napkins.
The excellent results obtained and Poppies Europe ability to exploit the potential of the new OMET TV 503 machines, has enabled the company to continue in its expansion of the market and invest in production; as a result it purchased three other OMET machines in the course of 2015 and a strong relationship based on mutual trust, on the sharing of know-how and on a close cooperation for the achievement of set objectives has ensued between both companies. In 2016 Poppies Europe Limited also marked another successful year for this partnership by purchasing three new OMET napkin production lines.

Nine OMET machines purchased in 24 months: this is an important strategic choice to significantly increase the productivity and partnership between two companies which have been growing steadily and have been reinforced and sustained in time.