Enrico Gandolfi a Flexo Day Salerno 2015

L’evento, come tutti quelli organizzati da ATIF in questi anni, ha saputo affrontare con semplicità degli argomenti importanti: la nuova normativa ISO per la stampa flessografica e la sua interpretazione, le procedure e i check-up di stampa, oggetto di una guida ATIF uscita nel 2014 e molto altro ancora.

La sessione di presentazioni è stata preceduta dal benvenuto del Presidente Sante Conselvan e dal rapporto sulle attività annuali dell’Associazione che comprendono la costituzione della FTA, Federazione Europea della Stampa Flessografica. Per conoscere a fondo quest’ultima iniziativa cliccate qui.

Alberto Redaelli reports from Labelexpo Americas 2014

“Many visitors, interest in new solutions that reduce set-up times and increase performance. A lot of interest also shown on OMET’s multi-process solutions matching flexo and digital”

Succesful seminar organised by OMET in Armenia

OMET recently held a seminar on “Print and converting solutions in packaging and labels”, with the support of the  Armenian Union of Manufacturers and printing products “Armenpak.” This seminar was the first of a series of planned activities of OMET Technology Center held in the territory of Russia and CIS countries.

The seminar was hosted by the director of OMET in Russia and the CIS, Sergey Bondarenko, and the area manager of OMET for these territories, Tatyana Gaponova. The list of participants included: leading publishing houses of  Armenia,  the holdings of non-alcoholic beverages, food products, packaging products, manufacturers of plastic packaging, as well as academic staff and students of the Faculty of Polytechnic Printing Institute.

Particular attention was drawn to the construction of machines using different types of printing and processing, allowing manufacturing of products in one pass. Particular emphasis was placed on the unique capabilities of OMET Machines to print on the same press thin film materials, heavy cardboard and polymer materials, answering to the needs of the different segments of the packaging market.

Sergey Bondarenko also raised the topic of aluminum foil applications and polylaminate products, talked about the different ways in the production of multi-layer laminates, giving examples of products and technologies.
The seminar illustrated examples of configurations for the production of  in-mold labels, shrink sleeve labels as well as ‘scratch & win’ lottery tickets.

During the seminar, a lively discussion took place between the participants and the speakers on the different technologies and applications, making such activity very useful in terms of exchange of experience and information on market trends.


ОМЕТ , ведущий производитель флексографского печатного оборудования  при  поддержке Союза производителей и потребителей тароупаковочной и полиграфической продукции  “Арменпак”   в конце мая  провел семинар на тему ” Печатные и конвертинговые решения в  упаковке и этикетке”.   Этот семинар был первым  из серии  запланированных мероприятий технологического центра компании  ОМЕТ, проводимых на территории РФ и стран СНГ  .

На семинаре выступали  директор представительства ОМЕТ в РФ и странах СНГ  Сергей Бондаренко и  Региональный менеджер ОМЕТ , Италия , Татьяна Гапонова.

Среди участников  семинара были  представлены ведущие типографии Армении, крупные холдинги по производству  безалкогольных напитков,пищевой продукции, изделий для упаковки, производители пластиковой тары и упаковки , а также научные сотрудники  и студенты полиграфического факультета политехнического института .

Особое внимание привлекло построение машины с использованием различных видов печати и обработки , позволяющее изготовить  продукцию в один прогон .  Особый акцент был сделан на уникальных  возможностях машин ОМЕТ печатать на одном оборудовании как тонкие пленочные материалы , так и тяжелые полимерные и картонные материалы , что позволяет удовлетворять потребности в разных сегментах  упаковочной продукции .

Сергей Бондаренко  подробно  освятил тему областей применения алюминиевой фольги  и полиламинатной продукции  , рассказал о различных  способах  ламинации  при производстве  многослойных ламинатов, приведя примеры  продукции и технологии ее изготовления.

На семинаре приводились  в пример конфигурации машин по проихводству  инмолд и термоусадочной этикетки а также  лотерейного билета.

Во время семинара  происходило живое обсуждение  между участниками и спикерами  по технологиям  и сферам применения , что делает такие мероприятия максимально  полезными  с точки зрения обмена опытом  и получения информации о тенденциях на рынке .   


Paolo Grasso, OMET Area Manager reports from Label Summit Indonesia 2014

Label Summit Indonesia 2014 turned out to be a quite interesting event held in one of the most exciting business areas nowadays. Indonesia, with more than 300,000 people and a population growth rate estimated in 1,12, is a fast growing market determined to improve and invest in new technologies. The label industry is still dominated by old letterpress equipment but there are now recent flexo installations which will soon grab the most of the growing needs of the printing industry.

Few major players are already well equipped with state-of-the-art flexo technology, though they still look for expansion. Self-adhesive is not the only industry that seems capable of answering to the trends of differentiation and extreme product customization. Also shrink sleeves and IML labels are benefiting from the use of flexo narrow-web machines in the Indonesian market (while in the neighbour countries rotogravure still dominates for film printing).

At Label Summit 2014, OMET announced its partnership with Jet Technologies. The company, led by John Malki, has just established in Indonesia but counts on more than 20 years of experience in the graphic arts supplies in Australia. Jet Technologies has been capable to get noticed in less than a year and create its ‘own spot’ in the Indonesian supply chain of machines, tools and consumables. OMET and Jet Technologies, together with the other suppliers represented, form a perfect mix of technology, values and friendship in such an enthusiastic industry.

At OMET, we strongly believe that in a few months we will see further installations of label presses thanks to the new partnership with Jet Technologies. Meanwhile, existing customers such as PT Arisu in Surabaya will continue to enjoy state-of-the-art service provided by OMET and Jet. We all look forward to meeting our local partners and good friends in Indonesia again in 2016!


Eduard Pont reports from Chile

All major players of the Chilean packaging industry attended OMET's Varyflex V2 presentation last June 19th in Santiago (Chile). The idea of OMET was to show the benefits and tangible results of approaching mid-web for the printing of packaging. The presentation given was rich in technical details and numbers based on actual applications of the concept of mid-web to the printing of short to medium runs of packaging. All the guests showed a lot of interest in OMET's technology and greatly appreciated the event hosted byEduard Pont of OMET Ibéricas.

Varyflex V2 publicly presented in Chile

On June 19th the Varyflex V2 goes on stage in Chile for the presentation to the market. The event will take place at Hotel Kennedy, Av.da Kennedy 4570, Vitacura, Chile. Varyflex V2 is mid-web hybrid machine designed for the efficient production of short runs of packaging.

Varyflex V2, machine for flexible packaging and carton printing, is a real platform on which it is possible to interchange print units and converting stations in a simple and fast way with minimum wastage. The electronic equipment of Varyflex V2 is of the latest generation and aims at making all the activities on board and the format change as rapid and automatic as possible. Varyflex V2 has a whole array of available printing technologies and finishing units that could be added in-line for the printing of packaging for different sectors including flexo, sleeve offset, rotogravure, in-line lamination, rotary screen, cold and hot foil, embossing, hologram insetting, etc.

During the presentation, Mr. Herman Zepeda, flexo technology expert and director of Packaging Xpert, will lecture about the versatility and exceptional performance of Varyflex V2 hybrid press and will give a numerical example of the impact on the efficiency of a plant dedicated to flexible packaging printing at the incorporation of this machine.

Mr. Eduar Pont of OMET Ibérica, sales manager of OMET for Latin America, will give an overview of the philosophy and range of the Italian manufacturer of printing presses.

For information:




Narrow web specialist Jet Technologies and OMET partner in Indonesia

OMET has appointed Jet Technologies as their valuable representative for the territory of  Indonesia. The cooperation will be on display at Label Summit Indonesia taking place in Jakarta on June 18-19, 2014, where Jet Technologies is a major exhibitor.

Jet Technologies is a specialist distributor of products to the packaging industry and the print and finishing industry. Founded in Australia over 30 years ago, and still a family owned company with many offices and service centers in the world, Jet Technologies employs highly skilled staff who service a broad spectrum of needs within their core markets.

“We strongly believe that Jet Technologies has the ability to understand the market and the clients’ needs. They have invested in their Indonesian operations and have the structure to really do well on the territory. We are confident  that OMET and Jet Technologies will be able to establish a strong long-term partnership in Indonesia” stated Paolo Grasso, Export Area Manager of OMET.

Jet Technologies Director, Jack Malki added “Starting a new operation in Indonesia has allowed us to select the very best partners. We have seen OMET has a remarkable success in numerous countries and the feedbacks from a number of printers we spoke with were outstanding. We are excited about bringing a quality product to Indonesia and supporting it with a strong local sales & service team.”

Jet Technologies and OMET will be exhibiting at Label Summit Indonesia, held in Jakarta on the 18-19th June 2014 at stands 24-28.

Credits: www.jet-ap.com


Tissue: a lively industry sector. Interview with Marco Calcagni

by Piera Graziani

Published under the permission of the magazine Italia Grafica, Tecniche Nuove, Italy

The tissue market in Italy, fortunately, is not “ROLLing downhill”… Forgive this easy irony, but in a time of contractions and suffering for many industries, it’s good to talk about a sector in good health. To be honest, in our country are concentrated the biggest producers of tissue products in the world with Lucca in the vanguard with its manufacturing district with 20 companies and 1500 employees, surrounded by other many important companies in Emilia Romagna, Campania, Puglia, Veneto and Lombardy.

An active sector that has embraced networking, a rarity in Italy, to fight the economic downturn and the aggressiveness of the international competition. Tissue Italy was born at the end of 2012 with the support of Assindustria Lucca: 12 manufacturers of machinery for the production or converting of tissue of which 8 from Tuscany, 3 from Emilia Romagna and 1 from Lombardy, have joined forces to raise their voice. The aim of the network is to enhance and develop collectively a reputation for excellence of the Italian Tissue district for what concerns state of the art technologies, showing the world its know-how and innovation potential. The first important result of this agreement was the organization of the “IT’s Tissue Technology Week”, a very successful event held in Lucca in June 2013, which drew specialized staff from all over the world in the engineering workshops of these prominent companies.

Among the companies participating, there is OMET of Lecco, the only representative based in the north of Italy to have enthusiastically embraced this challenge. We met Marco Calcagni, Sales Director of the Lecco-based group to talk about the present and future of this sector.

It has been more than a year since the birth of Tissue Italy. Could you make a preliminary assessment of this experience?

The result was very positive, so that the initiative was taken as a model of network contract on a national and international level. A beautiful experience also was the “IT’s Tissue Technology Week,” organized last summer in Lucca, whose success went well beyond expectations. More than 700 participants from 70 countries, only half of Europe, representing 317 companies ‘flocked’ in the so-called “city of a hundred churches”.

There will be other initiatives of this kind?

IT’s Tissue World Tour started immediately after the Technology Week and touched 8 major cities, including Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Beijing and New Delhi. In Italy, we will for sure repeat the experience in 2015. We are confident we will expand our public considered that this brand is well known and appreciated internationally.

Networking in Italy does not seem to be so simple…

The technological excellence achieved by the Italian manufacturers of machines in the tissue industry is undiscussed. Obviously, the other countries are not watching and competition is getting fierce. Building such a hub gives us the strength to make ourselves known in distant countries that, sooner or later, will begin to use tissue products in their daily lives. Europe and North America are mature markets with stable growth rates asking for quality products, at the same time environmentally friendly. But there is a huge basin represented by countries such as China, India or Brazil that, for cultural reasons or poor economic power, do not normally use toilet paper, towels or napkins … but sooner or later they will and we must be ready.

What European and American consumers ask for?

As I said before, in these countries the use of tissue products is taken for granted, but consumers are very demanding, and the research has focused on the proposal for quality items. For example, the growth is recorded more than anything else in tablecloths and napkins that are increasingly more used at home instead of tablecloths and cloth napkins. We are looking for innovative and resistant materials and there is a great demand for high-quality effects and color shades for special events. Consumption grows also in the hospital sector where there is an ever increasing demand of disposable products and in the industry where fabric rags are being replaced with tissue.

After the personalized can of Coke, there will also be a customized tissue tablecloth?

It could be. Up to today, the work of customization is done mostly by small companies working exclusively for the catering and hotel industry. Almost all the bars and pizzerias have personalized placemats with the place name or logo or advertising of local businesses. We’re talking about small runs (which are not that small…) of 200 thousand pieces against the millions of items of the standard products.

How does research innovate this type of product?

The innovation must necessarily concern various areas: the materials, first of all, which must have a higher performance from the point of view of absorbency but with weights always lower and greater pleasantness to the touch. Then the inks, especially those used for tablecloths, which must ensure prints effect due to pigments that can ennoble the product without unduly affecting the final price and safeguarding the health of the consumer. And finally, the machines that need to be fast but ensure quality products through the addition of modules (for example the embossing). They must achieve not only aesthetic results but be functional and anticipate market needs with solutions that solve criticalities.

How do you succeed in this?

By working closely with our customers. This is essential especially when it comes to leading companies that make diversified products. The synergies with the converters are indispensable in the process of research and development: on the one hand, we try to give concrete answers to their problems, on the other, their experience is invaluable to finalize the practical insights of our technicians. For example, in developing new types of folds, fundamental for this kind of products. In some cases, the intuition of a fold that did not exist made possible to obtain products that had a huge success.

What is the product that does not exist but we would like to have?

There are many… and we are working on it. I’ll be happy to introduce them to you when they are ready…!

Credits: www.italiagrafica.com


Massimo Bellingardi reports from OMET ‘Open doors’ event. ‘On air’ until May 8, 2014

We had about 50 companies visiting in the first two days, mostly from abroad. We also had a discrete number of Italian companies. The largest Italian audience is expected for the last day of the event, May 8. The program consists of 8 demos a day on the 4 machines displayed: XFlex X6 flexo/offset, Varyflex V2, XFlex X6 and XFlex x4. Many customers opted for the additional visit to a nearby customer to watch the XFlex X6 with JetPlus digital inkjet in operation. The machine performed greatly. Two machines were sold during the first day of the event in the MEA market, one of which is a combined flexo/offset XFlex X6, the latest born in OMET’s range. We take the occasion to thank once again our sponsors, excited about the event and the perfect organization. The new DOUBLE UNWINDER on XFlex X4 received great interest and the appreciation of customers.

First edition of FlexoGurukul: a success!

FlexoGurukul is the brainchild of Fasco Printech CEO Pawandeep Sahni, he says, “FlexoGurukul is the concept for empowering the owners and senior management on flexo printing. We are committed to help flexo printing companies grow to global levels”. Chief mentor Harveer Sahni said, “We would like the training and education part to grow up to become an institute. We have a vision and hope to accomplish it substantially some day for the benefit of the flexo printing industry.”

The first edition of FlexoGurukul in Mumbai on 28-29 April, 2014, was sponsored by OMET.

OMET China reports from Labelexpo Asia

So reports the staff of OMET China present on the booth at Labelexpo Asia 2013:

“Nearly 300 companies/organizations were involved in the show, and more than 21 000 professional visitors from 87 countries attended the event. Each day we held 4 live shows on OMET XFlex X2. We showed PS labels printing with 6C + cold foil + varnish + die-cut. We also performed easy changeover system of our press. And most visitors showed much interest on our live shows.

On the show, we were given a few potential orders that we’re now following up. And we believe that we will be able to close a few of them after next Chinese Spring Festival.”


Best Sale Performance to Chromos Group

OMET awarded the prize for the “Best Sales Performance for the years 2011-2013” to Chromos Group, Distributor of OMET for the territories of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The whole Chromos Team was present at Labelexpo Europe last week in Brussels and received the award from the hands of Marco Calcagni, OMET Sales and Marketing Director. So states Marco Calcagni: “Chromos entered our World Sales Team in 2010 and counts already on many important installations in the German-speaking countries where it operates. They have matured a long experience in the label and packaging market and were able to push the sale of our machines with major customers having a deep knowledge of both their potential and the clients’ needs. It is rare to find such a well introduced and reliable partner!”

Karl Fust, General Manager of Chromos adds: “We are very proud to represent in our territory one of the world leading press manufacturers. In addition, we count OMET as the most innovative press designer with a great potential for further future success in the Label and Packaging business! The Chromos Sales Team is fully motivated and, as part of our “Competence Center Alpine Region”, is ready to challenge the market.”




Impressions from Labelexpo Europe 2013

“Everything just perfect! Impressive booth and impeccable demos, delicious catering, flawless organization. An incredibly large number of customers visiting us, whom, helas!, we wished we had more time to follow the best… But, thanks to all our agents on the stand we were able to keep up! Many requests for proposals and many hot negotiations that could become orders very soon.”

Claudio Piredda, OMET Sales Manager

Impressions from Labelexpo Europe 2013

“OMET’s booth-stadium was crowded in every row during each demo! Labelexpo Europe is always a great show, quick, with rhythm and with brilliant perspectives for the immediate future!”

Sergio Villa, OMET Sales Manager


Impressions from Labelexpo Europe 2013

“I would call it a fair spectacularly successful. The same was confirmed by the customers who were amazed by the many people attending. In such an historical period, this comes unexpected.
Indeed, it was hard to fit in just 4 days the schedule of appointments and things to see as one wished because the exhibition area is now too big and large was the amount of new products and innovations presented.

OMET was certainly one of the most innovative providers of solutions in this show that, overall, was not among the most innovative of all time. OMET’s stand was fantastic, light and clean and people loved it.

We expect a lot in terms of return in the next year from this event that confirms to be number one worldwide.”

Paolo Grasso, OMET Sales Manager

Labelexpo Europe 2013: a successful show!

Labelexpo Europe just closed its doors and it’s time to take stock.. The Show was great for OMET which experienced true interest from the public in its most recent innovations and could sign a few orders during the exhibition days. Customers especially appreciated OMET’s new Offset (Sleeve) groups displayed in combination with flexo and different finishings on a XFlex X6 430 mm (17”). The machine was printing a label for Campari drinks and a flexible packaging wrapping for Duplo-Ferrero snacks. Demos went smooth during the four days for the pleasure of a rich and well-prepared audience. Major current customers of OMET came by for a nice visit. We wish to thank all the customers who visited us, thank to our partners who entertained us during the Speak’n’Print presentations, thanks to all the suppliers who supported us, thanks to the many journalists who assisted to our Press Conference or stopped for a hello in our booth, and to our wonderful Team at OMET, always at the top!


Important sale for OMET in South Africa

The cooperation of OMET with the Hendricks family-owned agency Presstec is recent news. Despite this, sales have not had to wait. In fact, OMET informs of the sale of the first XFlex X4 press for the printing of self-adhesive labels at customer Klint Scales, Durban. 

Klint Scales is a manufacturer of scales and label converter established in 1991 and with own graphic design department. Among the labels offered: barcode labels, promotional labels, thermal and filmic labels.

The XFlex X4 designed for this customer is a high level machine and very complete. Plus, it was conceived to be extremely flexible and support the customer in the consolidation of its position in the self-adhesive market and approach new market segments, including unsupported films.

Klint Scales was impressed by XFlex X4 printing quality and by the fact that combination technologies and an inner complexity of configuration in this press comes as a standard. They couldn’t but treasure the great savings of time and wasted material during start-up and job changeovers and their positive effect on the production costs.

So informs Sergio Villa, OMET Sales Manager for the territory of South Africa: “We are very impressed by the work done by Presstec in these few months and look positively at the upcoming Labelexpo, which will stage our annual World Sales Team Meeting, to strengthen our partnership and carry forward some opportunities that have opened up recently.”

 Credits: http://www.presstec.co.za/


OMET announces order for Varyflex and XFlex at recently held LMAI conference

Courtesy of Printweek India

OMET, the Italian manufacturer of narrow web flexo presses, announced at the recently held LMAI conference in Goa that it has received orders for OMET Varyflex and XFlex narrow web flexo presses.

The manufacturing company bagged the orders from Zircon Technologies for Varyflex and Sel-Jegat Printers for XFlex.

Paolo Grasso,  sales area manager at OMET, said, “India is a growing market and we believe in it. The installation at Zircon will be one of the biggest in India.”

Grasso added, “With the advent of the new technologies, we need to educate the Indian label converters, as the label printing business is not simple. It is complicate. There are multiple variables in the process.”

Meanwhile, OMET recently installed XFlex X4 label press at Hyderabad-based Arunodaya Print Pack. The 300+ strong organisation currently owns three label presses and four sheet-fed offset presses and is specialized in the production of mono-cartons, labels, leaflets etc. and their clientele is spread across varied industries like liquor, pharmaceuticals and FMCG product segment.

Suresh Varma of Arunodaya, who along with his brother Vijay Varma manages the business, which is housed in three separate units at a massive size of 70,000sq/ft, said, “With the acquisition of OMET XFlex X4, we are better equipped to meet the exacting demands of our valuable customers especially thanks to its innovative register control system, which we think makes it best in the class.”

The sale of OMET presses is handled by the New Delhi-based Weldon Celloplast, the Indian representative. Pawandeep Sahni of Weldon Celloplast, said, “We are happy with the response for OMET. The Indian label converters can expect value for their money and look forward for the innovations of OMET at the upcoming Labelexpo Europe 2013 in September.



Rocking at Goa! Indian Label Conference a huge success

An abstract from the article by Harveer Sahni, Managing Director of Weldon Celloplast Limited, India

The conference started with a welcome address from Vivek Kapoor, besides welcoming delegates he thanked the sponsors and his team members who worked tirelessly to make this event a success. Anil Sharma, Managing Director Avery Dennison, who were the Platinum sponsors for the event, took the stage next informing the industry about further investments by his company and re-asserting Avery’s faith in the Indian markets. He said the per capita usage of labelstock is the lowest in India and given the size of population and a literate workforce the potential for growth is immense. He set the tone of the conference going by reassuring Avery’s commitment to support innovation in the pressure sensitive label industry.

As the days schedule was coming to an end all the sponsors, without whom an event of this scale was not possible were felicitated by LMAI. Lindsay Rice from Dupont spoke on the evolution of flexo plate making technology and the improvements there in. Peter Henderson of Esko informed about proofing systems and support there-of. Kishore Sarkar of Daetwyler gave an interesting presentation on the usage of doctor Blades with different settings. Christina Nilsson of Flint spoke on benefits of using UV flexo inks. Ajay Mehta of SMI made a presentation on his assessment of the size of Indian label market.

Surprisingly despite a late night, day two started with an almost full house. Ranesh Bajaj of Creed
Engineers/Vinsak made his presentation on technologies available for Brand security, Tamper evident solutions and anti-counterfeiting options.
Carmen Chua of Avery spoke on sustainability solutions for labels and packaging as also the need to reduce the adverse impact on the environment. She reaffirmed Avery’s commitment to sustainability.

Backbone of any printing show is the primary printing equipment producers. They are the biggest exhibitors and the biggest sponsors. This holds true for the narrow web label industry as well. The heavy presence of top executives of all the big label press manufacturers gave credibility to the fact that India continues to be the market for them that grows consistently and continuously. The Gallus presentation talked about forces influencing Indian markets. Paolo Grasso Sales Manager Omet made an interesting presentation on how the leading international label press manufacturers innovated to aid evolution of label printing and converting technologies to present day level. Federico D’Annunzio Managing Director of Gidue spoke on excellence of digital flexo. Manohar Dhugga of Mark Andy talked about Innovation & Automation for today’s label needs & UV LED. Presentations were also made by Alan Baretto of Nilpeter and Spring XU of Weigang Machinery China. Each time we visit Labelexpo Europe we see the number of Chinese label press manufacturers exhibiting there, keeps on growing.

Wolfgang Burkard from KURZ the second Platinum sponsor spoke on boundless opportunities in
label finishing.

No print show or conference is complete without deliberations in the digital printing. It is a process that is tempting all and appears to evolve fast to make other technologies obsolete some day in the future. Even though digital printing maybe attracting substantial investments from printers around the world, it has a lot of resistance from Indian label printers. Despite the resistance the interest in this technology does not wane. In fact on the contrary, printers continue to study the developments carefully and feel that it is the future. Leading digital printing equipment suppliers including Appa Durai from HP, Josep Roca from Xeikon, Ramprasad from CPG and Mark Huisman from SPG Prints made interesting presentations on the various developments in digital printing.

All good things have to come to an end. Next morning it was time to say good bye but I guess some business being in their blood, I could see printers trickling into the breakfast area with suppliers in tow for a meeting before they left. It really was a very busy event and one wished there was time to steal moments to enjoy the destination, Goa! The event management company did a good job. Vivek Kapoor had a genuine smile, now that everything went well. As we checked out of the hotel, delegates who over indulged last night, came somehow half asleep limping toward their coaches to take them to airport on their way back home. Even in their slumber they vowed to come back again for the next conference with more vigour and in bigger numbers. One thing common they communicated to each other alongwith the good bye as they left, was a commitment to meet again soon. Each bye-bye was followed by “See you at Labelexpo Europe!”

To read the entire article go to: http://harveersahni.blogspot.in/2013/08/rocking-at-goa-indian-label-conference.html or to our Facebook page www.facebook.com/OMETSrl



From PressIdeas Newsletter of Aug 23,2013: Zircon acquires a giant OMET

Noida based Zircon Technologies has invested in, what is perhaps the largest ‘label press in India’ – the versatile OMET Varyflex V2. The highly advanced piece of equipment, OMET Varyflex, has been delivered to Zircon’s Dehradun facility.

The 26 meters long label press is a complex integration of foiling, movable rotogravure, flexo and proprietary web paths desired and decided by Sanjeev Sondhi of Zircon after he had tested his innovative requirements on diverse label presses. It took him almost two years to finalise the exact configurations and attachments that are complex and proprietary in nature. The equipment has capability to print and convert with diverse print and converting technologies. The 430mm wide press features 10 colour Flexographic printing stations, Rotogravure printing station and Hot Foiling etc. with Converting section for Cartons, Labels, Flexible Packaging and Lami-tubes etc. It has capability to handle from 12mic films to 600mic board and also has fully automatic registration control. The sale of this equipment has been handled by New Delhi based Weldon Celloplast Limited, exclusive agents of Omet in India and surrounding countries.