Technology & Innovation

| 09 November 2017

Unique solutions by OMET for a smart converting process

The converting process is a strategic part of label and packaging production which involves time, costs and risks. To cope with these criticalities and streamline the processes, OMET has developed exclusive, integrated in-line solutions creating a valuable option for current and future customers. Every printing line of the OMET product portfolio can be configured with unique die-cutting systems conceived to make the die-cut changeover quicker, safer and easier compared to standard processes that usually require long machine downtime. The OMET iFlex, the OMET X4 and the OMET X5 can be supplied with the patented Easy-Change Die Cut – ECDC, a compact and ergonomic die-cutting unit that allows [...]

Technology & Innovation

| 24 October 2017

LABELEXPO 2017: iFlex, innovation made of simplicity

Great success for OMET at Labelexpo 2017.  One of the greatest and most impressive booths of the entire exhibition welcomed thousands of visitors from all over the world, confirming OMET leadership in the European and International market. Main attractions were the three printing lines, iFlex, XFlex X6.0 and X6 Offset, presented with [...]

Technology & Innovation

| 21 June 2017

Dual-shape labels: external and internal die-cutting shape

OMET technology and innovation, in collaboration with the passion and enthusiasm of Grafiche Amadeo, managed to elevate the latest OMET installation on a higher performance level, with the production of special labels with double die-cutting shape, without backing removal. This specific configuration is applied on an 8-color XFlex X2 370. [...]

Technology & Innovation

| 15 June 2017

OMET printing machines, the key to Industry 4.0

Transparent Factory. This is the real key to get into the “Industry 4.0”. Thanks to new devices for machines connectivity and the evolution towards the Internet of Things and Big Data, OMET printing and converting lines provide all customers with the opportunity to boost their competitive advantage through higher operative [...]

Technology & Innovation

| 21 April 2017

Flexibility and innovation for top printing quality

Decentralization by Kollmorgen: efficiency in a compact, modular design AKD-N decentralized drives and CDDR motors by Kollmorgen are the core of the innovative OMET Xflex X5, a printing solution with the best returns on investment in terms of market result of narrow web printing of labels and flexible packaging. High quality, and on any [...]

Technology & Innovation

| 08 March 2017

Rock‘n’Roll & Easy-Strip: another step towards efficiency

Matrix stripping is one of the key steps of the entire label production. Thanks to the new evolution of OMET’s renowned Rock’n’Roll stripping system and to the introduction of the new “Easy-Strip” unit, this critical stage has become a real added value to all OMET machines. These two technical solutions allow to increase [...]

Technology & Innovation

| 16 April 2016

OMET XFlex X6 to be part of LANDA exhibition at DRUPA 2016

New Landa Nano-Metallography™ technology to be demonstrated for the first time on an Omet press. Since its premiere in 2007, OMET XFlex X6 has revolutionized the narrow-web printing market. This high-level press counts hundreds of installations around the world and thanks to its modular design is able to combine in-line several printing [...]

Technology & Innovation

| 14 March 2016

Multi-layer labels: a rapidly growing market

Multi-layer labels allow the creation of readable leaflets with up to seven printed sides: a new functional concept of label for multilingual information, advertising campaigns, and special offers. A product’s packaging must first and foremost attract the buyer at the moment of purchase, but there is a growing need to include more [...]

Technology & Innovation

| 03 February 2016

Omet’s entire experience at the client’s disposal

Custom Solution A OMET custom-made packaging printing machine is the modular answer to the needs of companies open to innovation and researching new solutions. Normally, special custom-made packaging printing machines are created in response to a client’s need to stand out from the competition and obtain an advantage on the market by [...]

Technology & Innovation

| 02 November 2015

The cooperation with ICI Canada continues

By Hélène Pageau, ICI Canada One year has passed since ICI, in collaboration with OMET and the Canadian Foundation for Innovation, the Ministry of Higher Education of Research, Science and Technology and the National Council for Research of Canada (CNCR) lauched their new Varyflex v2 multi-process press. The press is different from its [...]

Technology & Innovation

| 08 September 2015

OMET to introduce UV-LED Curing at Labelexpo Europe 2015

The new UV-LED solution on OMET presses will be exhibited at Brussels Labelexpo on a XFlex X6 hybrid Flexo + Digital printing press. The benefits the UV-LED process brings to the printing industry are nowadays quite familiar. They primarily involve two different areas of the printing process: first is the elimination of heat-related [...]

Technology & Innovation

| 21 May 2015

OMET introduces the most innovative Mid-web Variable-size Sleeve Press for flexible packaging

Available in widths 670mm (26”) and 850mm (33”), Varyflex V2 Offset is made unique by the introduction of a new mid-web Offset unit concept granting the highest operational flexibility, simplicity in use, wide machine accessibility and maximum efficiency with any print run. The geometry of OMET’s patented ‘Easy Sleeve [...]

Technology & Innovation

| 21 May 2015

OMET revolutionises the label market, again!

On May 19, 2015 OMET officially presented the new press iFLEX dedicated to label printing. It is the start of a new way to print labels packed with a great deal of innovation aimed at simplifying the printer’s work and increase the press efficiency. iFLEX, UV Flexo machine in width 370mm, inspired by a careful analysis of customers’ [...]

Technology & Innovation

| 15 March 2015

How to print Organic Electronics

Interesting article written by Moreno Soppelsa for the Italian magazine Italia Grafica on the topic: Printed Organic Electronics and the current tests performed on an OMET flexo press at IIT (Italian Institute of Technology) in Milano. Interessante contenuto di Moreno Soppelsa apparso a dicembre sulla rivista Italia Grafica sull’ [...]

Technology & Innovation

| 22 January 2015

First OMET JetPlus digital press makes mark by Andy Thomas

Published per courtesy of Labels & Labeling Eticont-Cattaneo Paolo Grafiche provides a perfect example of a commercial printer moving into the more profitable business of label converting. The company started life as a printer of high quality books – a business that continues to this day. Ten years ago, turnover in the books market [...]

Technology & Innovation

| 17 January 2015

Customer First: create your own Service package

Technical Service & Support will never be the same. OMET has created a whole menu of Service Packages from which customers can choose according to their most stringent needs or peculiarities. Today we present two packages: Active, phone & remote technical support, and ProActive, technical assistance and preventative maintenance [...]

Global Networking

| 17 November 2014

An infinite universe of possibilities opens up at ICI Canada thanks to Varyflex V2 press

During the Opening of the Print Workshop on Nov.6, 2014, the managers and teachers of ICI (Printability and Graphic Communications Institute of Montreal, QC, Canada) explained the different technological projects that will be pursued on the Varyflex regarding innovative print applications, mainly in the field of printable electronics, and [...]

Technology & Innovation

| 12 August 2014

OMET Partners with ICI to Advance Printable Electronics

OMET, Lecco, Italy, and Matik, OMET’s North American distributor, announce the start of a partnership agreement with the Printability and Graphic Communications Institute (ICI) Montreal, QC, Canada. OMET will supply ICI’s laboratories with a new state-of-the-art combination printing press, OMET Varyflex V2, will use to [...]

Technology & Innovation

| 28 July 2014

OMET announces that the digital inkjet unit JetPlus has successfully outdone all field tests and is now available for sale

After a period of testing the company has given its OK to the sale of the new digital inkjet printing unit named JetPlus. The technology is the result of the cooperation with the Swiss company Domino, provider of the inkjet module, and the work of OMET’s R&D team that is responsible for its perfect integration into the presses and [...]

Technology & Innovation

| 07 July 2014

New XFlex X4 in 440 mm/17’’ Debut at upcoming Labelexpo Americas (Part 2)

The XFlex X4 will not be alone on booth (#3123). At its side a XFlex X6 530 in 8 colors will give proof of its modularity, flexibility and multi-process capabilities, since long considered a benchmark for the printing industry. During the show days, XFlex X4 will demonstrate the rapidity of changeover and the excellence in self-adhesive [...]