Stories of Excellence

| 04 November 2017

Great celebration in Prague: Huhtamaki inaugurates the first OMET Varyflex v4 offset

Less than one hour. This is the time span needed to reproduce a new image on film, from the picture to the final printed result, thanks to OMET Varyflex V4 Offset with sleeve technology. The last July 11, in Prague, OMET innovation excelled once again during the inauguration for the start-up of the new machine installed at Huhtamaki Flexible Packaging Czech (former Fiomo, a.s.). This is the first OMET Varyflex V4 Offset installed worldwide: a brand new machine specialized in high-quality flexible packaging printing. This press features offset printing technology combined with in-line flexo units: a hybrid solution that marks a turning point in quality, flexibility and costs saving. It is the [...]

Stories of Excellence

| 12 July 2017

OMET XFlex X4 fits Insignia plan for the future

When Insignia in Brisbane looked at their needs for the future, and reviewed what equipment would be required in the years ahead, it was a team effort across all fronts. Head of Manufacturing, Stephen Lindsay, joined with Technical Sales Manager, Howard Gill, and with Jeff Bint, Insignia Executive General Manager, who had over-arching [...]

Stories of Excellence

| 05 July 2017

Impact boosts throughput for wraparound labels with new press

With the recent installation of a new flexo label press and rewinding system that will markedly increase throughput on the shop floor, Brisbane-based Impact Labels is set to expand its penetration of the medium- to long-run label market. In 2005, Byron Hudghton harnessed his then 15 years’ experience in label printing to his [...]

Stories of Excellence

| 05 July 2017

Siberia, new OMET machine for Delta-Center: the first iFlex in Russia

Less than a year after the installation of an OMET XFlex X4 370, Delta Center typography in Omsk decided to buy a second machine. The new investment is an iFlex 370, the unique flexo press dedicated to label printing and converting, featuring several smart technologies such as iLight pre-registration system through laser pointer and [...]

Stories of Excellence

| 19 June 2017

Safin chose OMET XFlex X6 to start business in Russia

Quality, reliability, flexibility and design. These are the main reasons why Safin decided to purchase a new 8-color OMET XFlex X6 in 2016. With this fully automatic line, Safin was able to enter a growing market, where they aim at consolidating their position and creating new market niches where they can excel with high margins. In [...]

Stories of Excellence

| 30 May 2017

New OMET XFlex X4 370 installed at Maxiprint in Minsk

The typography Maxiprint located in Minsk, Belarus, has installed the last weeks its second OMET machine, an XFlex X4 370. The firm, specialized in the production of self-adhesive labels, bought in 2012 an OMET Varyflex VF 430, and started using Offset Printing combined with Flexo Technology, achieving higher quality compared to the local [...]

Stories of Excellence

| 27 April 2017

Huhtamaki gets Omet iFlex at new Indian plant

Photo: Amar Chhajed with his team beside OMET iFlex installed in the new Sikkim factory.  Weldon Celloplast, the distributor of Omet presses in India, has completed the installation of second Omet iFlex in the country at the new plant of Huhtamaki PPL-Webtech Labels in Sikkim. Webtech Labels, headquartered in Mumbai, is a division of [...]

Stories of Excellence

| 21 April 2017

Insight Graphics installs India’s first OMET iFlex label press

The company saw the press showcased for the first time at Labelexpo India in November 2016 An OMET iFlex has been sold to Kolkata-based Insight Graphics Pvt. Ltd., which saw the press showcased for the first time in India at Labelexpo India in November 2016. The iFlex, a 10-color all UV press with iVision registration control, quick [...]

Stories of Excellence

| 13 April 2017

Phenix Label boost capabilities with OMET iFLEX with LED UV from GEW

Phenix Label of Olathe, Kansas have installed an additional OMET iFLEX printing press with LED UV to boost reliability and production speed. Phenix Label Company, Inc. is a business with a longstanding tradition in the manufacture of self-adhesive labels with headquarters in Olathe, Kansas. It was originally founded in 1896 and today [...]

Stories of Excellence

| 13 April 2017

New OMET installation in Poland: one Varyflex offset to Drukarnia Jaslo

Poland has been a fruitful market for OMET in the last years. The Varyflex V2 Offset sold to Drukarnia Jaslo at the beginning of 2017 is a further prove of the great appeal OMET technology has in this area. The new installation will be dedicated to the production of high-end flexible packaging, strengthening the presence of the Polish [...]

Stories of Excellence

| 28 March 2017


In the beginning of 2014, OMET delivered to Grafiche Amadeo the first X2 370 featuring 6 colors UV and cold foil printing. The Ligurian company, renowned as a first-class typography in the sector of sheet printing, had decided to diversify their offer by entering the self-adhesive market with the production of labels in rolls. For this [...]

Stories of Excellence

| 15 March 2017

Maxiprint: not only offset, flexo and screen printing

Located in the suburbs of Minsk, capital of Belarus, Maxiprint typography is an important company producing self-adhesive labels since 2006. In 2012, with the purchase of an OMET Varyflex, they started to combine flexo printing with offset technology, reaching extraordinary results in terms of printing quality and flexibility. The [...]

Stories of Excellence

| 20 February 2017

OMET keeps growing: the new production site works at full speed

The growing number of employees and the development of an excellent operational workflow, show the importance of OMET’s new manufacturing unit inaugurated a few months ago in Molteno (LC). “This is the first step to the expansion of our company – says Antonio Bartesaghi, CEO of OMET Group -. This is not the perfect solution for our [...]

Stories of Excellence

| 09 November 2016

Omet keeps on growing with a new 3.000 sqm production site

Omet has opened a brand new production site a few kilometers far from Lecco, dedicated to assembling and testing of XFlex X6 line. Constant growth and high customer satisfaction pushed Omet to invest in a new production facility, to better cope with growing amount of orders and considerable increase in business turnover. Automatic [...]

Stories of Excellence

| 14 October 2016

BMZ Druck AG: 30 years of success in label printing business

A new important milestone for one of Omet’s most esteemed customers: BMZ Druck AG, renowned Swiss company producing labels for several markets like food & beverages, pharmaceutical, chemical and logistics. Since 1986, when the company was founded in Muttenz, close to Basle, BMZ Druck AG has been a family-run business just like Omet. [...]

Stories of Excellence

| 12 October 2016

ETI.VIBRA chooses OMET as flexo partner

Successful testing of the new flexographic printing press iFLEX 370 with combined technology, purchased by ETI.VIBRA, was carried out in the last few days at the OMET headquarters in Lecco. The long-lived friendship between Enrico Gandolfi, OMET Sales Manager for Italy, and the owners of ETI.VIBRA, Mr Vincenzo Brancaccio and his wife [...]

Stories of Excellence

| 21 September 2016

Perruccio S.r.l. to add efficiency and productivity with XFlex X4 370

Perruccio S.r.l. is the largest label factory in Puglia with its own fleet of machines, comprising of many different printing technologies such as silk screen, letter-press, offset and digital. The Apulian company has decided to introduce a new flexographic printing line into their fleet of machines, in order to widen their productive [...]

Stories of Excellence

| 21 March 2016

Nuova macchina OMET per Pozzoni Spa

Soddisfazione durante il collaudo finale della nuova XFlex X6 430 acquisita da Pozzoni Spa per rispondere alle crescenti richieste di mercato riscontrate dall’azienda. La nuova macchina commissionata ad OMET vanta alte performance di velocità e qualità di stampa, con controlli elettronici per la messa a registro automatizzata ed [...]

Stories of Excellence

| 15 March 2016

OMET celebrates its first success in Romania

OMET is proud to announce the first installation of XFlex X6 press in Romania at the customer Eltronis, an established and fast growing company active in the security and specialty label printing market. Eltronis, established on March 13, 2003 is, today, a multimillion Euro concern and a market leader in specialty and security printing. [...]

Stories of Excellence

| 04 March 2016

Italgrafica sceglie nuovamente OMET

La quinta macchina OMET scelta da Italgrafica per ampliare il proprio potenziale di stampa è la XFlex X6 430 con 10 gruppi stampa, combinata con laminazione oro a caldo e a freddo anche su adesivo. Enrico Gandolfi, Omet Sales Manager per il territorio italiano, al fianco di Francesco Niorettini (Amministratore delegato) e Claudio [...]